Survival MD: First Aid Guide on Steroids


Survival MD: First Aid Guide

Survival MD first aid guide truly is an amazing read. It’s one of those books with real world, practical information that you can use in so many medical situations and emergencies. There’s nothing worse than seeing a loved one injured or in need of medical help… and you have no clue what to do.

And yet, this happens on a daily basis simply because most people just don’t know what to do to.  Apathy rules in this field of knowledge for some reason.  But if it should strike, and a loved on (or anyone!), dies as a result of your inaction, the feeling of guilt will plague you for a long time.  So please don’t leave it until it’s too late to do something about it!

Mr. Robert Grey experienced this exact situation first hand when Hurricane Katrina struck a few years ago, and he had no access to emergency care. Unfortunately, Robert he didn’t have the knowledge to help the person in need and as a result he lost a loved one.

Stricken with grief, he determined to do whatever was necessary to give people this knowledge – just so that they wouldn’t have to go through what he’d been through.

Well, after much legwork, Robert came across Dr. Radu Scurtu in Romania. Without access to modern medical facilities, Dr. Radu had been forced to develop techniques that were basic yet extremely effective.

Realizing that Dr. Scurtu was practicing a highly specialized form of first aid due entirely to his lack of resources, Robert decided to dig deeper into his techniques until eventually they published…. “Survival MD”.

This guide has taken the online world by storm.  It’s literally become an online bestseller.


The strength of the guide is that it shows… ‘any layman how to help someone in need during an emergency or disaster scenario’….. You don’t need to study for years to be a doctor to apply the information shared in this guide.

Dr. Scurtu’s practical applications can be used to treat injured and affected patients during all natural disasters and tragedies. This will help the victim to hold on until they can receive professional help. “Survival MD” is all about giving someone a fighting chance to survive.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of “Survival MD”.

The Good Points:

This is a detailed guide that weighs in at a whopping 206 pages and it covers a whole load of problems likely to occur when the SHTF. The guide comes in both digital and hard copy. Most online products of this nature only come in digital format. So, it’s great to see that you can get a physical copy of this guide.

Inside, you’ll learn about:

  • Alternative Medicine
  • Buying Medical Response Kits
  • Climate Specific Diseases
  • Common Illnesses in a Crisis
  • Dental Preparedness
  • Emergency Sanitation
  • How to Survive Without Prescription
  • Infectious Diseases
  • List of Medications to Stockpile
  • Medical Emergency Protocol
  • Non-traumatic Illnesses
  • Preparedness for Women: Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Preparing for First Aid
  • Prepper’s Medical Reading List
  • Specific Disease Preparedness
  • Understanding CPR
  • What to Do When There Is No Doctor Around
  • Why Prevention and Practice Make Sense

What makes “Survival MD” stand head and shoulders above any regular first aid guide is that this is tested and proven in the real world. It’s what Dr. Scurtu himself uses every day to treat actual living people. He’s been using this information for years and has saved countless lives. This information just works. Period.

  • Survival MD” will tell you what the 5 situations that lead to death are. Just understanding these causes will help you survive a crisis with much better odds.
  • You’ll be shown how to set up a first aid kit that will have all the items you need in an emergency. Of course, this is best done before the emergency arises! And with the tips in this guide, you’ll know exactly what items to include.
  • There are ample diagrams and illustrations to help you understand the information better. The language used is simple and straightforward so that anyone can easily understand it. What really matters is that you learn what’s in this guide thoroughly.
  • Survival MD” has a full money-back guarantee. You can test it out for 60 days risk-free.


And the not so good points:

  • This is a large guide so you should digest it in bite sized chunks so that you don’t get overwhelmed by all the information. Slow and steady wins the race here. It’s more important that you understand what you’re reading. Don’t skim through the guide superficially.
  • Despite all the info in Survival MD, some situations will require the expertise of a real doctor. This guide does not make you a doctor. It just arms you with the knowledge you need to take immediate remedial action that will your patient a fighting chance of surviving until proper medical attention arrives.


Should You Get It?

This information is priceless!  Of course you should.  Grab it right here

Look, it may mean the difference between life and death.  Emergencies can happen without warning at any time.  Imagine how good you’ll feel knowing that you can cope with anything!  You’ll be one of the people who takes charge while the others flap and panic.

So many people are complacent about this, and assume that tragedies only happen to others. The truth is, we could all find ourselves in an unwelcome situation at any time.  Being prepared and having the knowledge to deal with any situation is a skill that will make you feel both proud, and really comfortable inside.

Knowing the information in “Survival MD” may just save the life of a friend or family member one day.  Don’t take things for granted; don’t put it off; learn what you need to learn NOW, and pass on the “Survival MD” guide to those you think could benefit from it.

This information might save your life – literally.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning the techniques shown.

And you never know when an emergency will strike and this guide will give you all the skills you need to stay calm and handle the situation without panic.

Thorough preparation makes its own luck. Get this guide and start reading it today.


>>> Get “Survival MD” Now <<<


Stay safe fellow preppers,

Ed Storm