The 20 Emergency Supplies You MUST Keep Ready


20 Must-Have emergency Supplies:

Stocking the right quantity and the right type of emergency supplies is going to require some effort.  Because not only do you have to initially go out and buy all the containers, foodstuffs, hardware supplies, accessories and so on, but you also have to have a system in place to ensure they are stored correctly and that they’re kept in usable and/or consumable condition.

You MUST Rotate Your Stock:

This will mean rotating your stock, and especially in the case of your water supplies it means replacing at regular intervals and checking that it’s free from contamination.  It might mean keeping some items within a certain temperature range, or it could be that some items have to be stored away from light or in airtight containers.

Whatever the requirements, these things are going to seem a touch bothersome at first. But if you’re serious – and you should be – these things are just what needs to be done.  Consider it your new hobby!

So what emergency supplies do you need as a basic minimum?  The list of ‘wants’ could go on forever and far outweighs the list of actual ‘needs’.  Below, I’ve created a graphic that shows you what you should keep as an absolute minimum (in terms of quantity AND range).

(PS: For the Water, I meant to say “2 Gallons PER PERSON Per Day!)

20 Important Emergency Supplies


I hope you get value from this.  If it seems overwhelming, just collect a few items each week as an example, and before very long you’ll have the whole collection 🙂

Keep well preppers,



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