The 10 Basic Survival Skills Every Prepper Must Have


10 Basic Survival Skills …It’s a term often used by many people who have no real clue as to the extent of survival skills they’ll need in order to live as safely and comfortably as possible in a disaster scenario.

For many people, “Basic Survival” is nothing more than a cute feeling of achievement as they reflect on the half dozen cans of beans they stored under the stairs, along with the old and blunt boy scout penknife they threw in there to open the cans with.

Simple stuff like this is what many consider being ‘prepared’. Of course, for them, prepping is not taken seriously because they’re convinced it will never happen and that common sense will always prevail.

But we know that’s not always true.

For us, preparedness is something that gives us peace of mind, knowing that IF something happens, we won’t be like the rest of them running round in circles panicking.

But true prepping embraces a huge range of skills, – all of which require thoughtful training, diligence and lots of practice.

To present that full range of skills you’ll need would be almost impossible, but below I’ve created an info-graphic for you that outlines the 10 ‘must have’ skills you’ll need in order to survive safely and relatively comfortably in bad times.

10 Basic Survival Skills


Stay safe prepper.

Until next time…


Ed Storm

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